Tomorrow's Voice Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides an avenue for young people between the ages of 16-25 years old to incorporate and practice their critical and analytical thinking skills, while allowing their voices to be heard on social and political issues that affects them, their peers, and their respective communities.  

There is a lack of resources, as well as limited opportunities for this specific age group living in inner-city communities, that in turn causes them to lose faith in the possibilities that their voice can influence change. Tomorrow's Voice Foundation will be a direct response to the growing number of young people that have fallen through the cracks; affected by their circumstances or environment; entering the juvenile/prison system; and/or who wants to be apart of impacting change within their communities.

Tomorrow's Voice Foundation will provide different avenues, resources and opportunities for our youths to speak out about social and political issues through the following programs:


Allowing our youths to bring awareness, opinions and recommendations to issues or current events through blog postings.

Our Voice Matters:

A forum where youths teams up with their peers, community leaders, and residents to openly discuss, address, debate, suggest, criticize and provide solutions to issues.

Future Blueprints:

Getting our youths involved with community leaders and grassroots organizations on various projects that influences change within the community.

Artistry Corner:

Through the freedom of expression; our youths will freely, creatively and artistically express themselves on social and political issues.


Letting the voice of our youths be heard on social and political issues that affects them, their peers, and the communities.

Our Vision

To connect with our youths and provide avenues for them to be inspired, motivated and encouraged to become the future voice of change for their communities.